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Fishing Techniques, by Species, On Our Kenai Fishing Charters

The fishing techniques our guides employ on our Kenai Fishing Charters vary by the species we’re targeting. Read below to learn how we fish during our season from May through October and be sure our style of fishing matches with your desired experience!

king salmon

How We Fish for King Salmon

All fishing for King Salmon is done from a boat. We fish for King Salmon by backtrolling lures or bait.

This involves the angler letting out their line and placing the rod in a rod holder. The guide will then slowly work the boat down river through the holding fish.

Bites are often violent and very exciting! Upon a bite the angler will pick up the bent rod and the battle is on!!

Anglers must be patient while waiting for a bite but it’s worth the wait once that King Salmon is on the line.

During downtime anglers can take pictures, eat snacks, enjoy the sights and good conversations until their rod buckles. 

silver salmon

How We Fish for Silver Salmon and Pink Salmon

We use various methods while fishing for Silver Salmon, depending on the location and water conditions.

One of the most productive ways to fish for Silver salmon is on the anchor. The guide will anchor the boat in a productive travel lane and anglers will let out lines and place in the rod holder to wait for a bite.

We also can use a method called back-bouncing – which anglers will hold their rod and let their line out to the bottom and gently bounce their rod off the bottom waiting for a bite. This method is quite entertaing for anglers who want a more hands-on experience and want to feel the bite.

Another method for the more hands-on angler is casting spinners and bobbers with bait. These methods require standing in the boat and casting as the guide works the boat down river.

Depending on your experience and capabilities, we have several methods and levels of involvement to help you catch Silver Salmon.

Water conditions often dictate which method we use as certain conditions favor certain methods.

Lastly when conditions are just right, we can fly fish from shore for Silver Salmon which can be a blast as well!

sockeye salmon

How We Fish for Sockeye Salmon

To fish for Sockeye Salmon we use a unique method called “flossing” or “flipping”. Unlike all other salmon species, Sockeye don’t feed on bait fish thus they don’t frequently chase and bite lures or bait.

However, we can take advantage of their large numbers and intercept them while traveling and essentially hook them in the mouth as they swim by in large schools.

Although the method seems somewhat strange at first, after a few minutes of practice and a good coach you will be flipping like a pro!

The action can be hot and heavy, and Sockeye are incredibly fun to fight. We often use a fly rod as it’s the most efficient way to “flip”.

All Sockeye fishing is done from shore. Anglers will line up along the shore in shallow water, usually well below the knees and make a repetitive overhand cast sweeping their weight along the bottom until they feel a fish. Anglers will be standing for long periods of time and making hundreds of casts typically.

Sockeye fishing can be done by all types of anglers. Women and kids often excel as they listen well and have good technique.

Sockeye fishing isn’t for all anglers – as you must be able to physically withstand lots of casting while standing. It’s a very unorthodox method but it’s extremely productive, easy to learn and an absolute blast!

rainbow trout

How We Fish for Rainbow Trout & Dolly Varden

We use various methods to fish for Rainbow trout and Dolly Varden. Whether using conventional spin gear or fly fishing, most of our fishing for Rainbow Trout/ Dolly Varden is done from a boat. Using the boat allows us to cover several miles of river in search of eager fish.

We will often imitate spawn with flesh flies or beads under a float or indicator to trick them.

Depending on the time of year we can also fly fish from shore by swinging streamers and smolt patterns. Swinging produces epic bites and is a super fun way to fish for Rainbows and Dolly Varden! This method is most effective during September and October.

All Rainbow Trout and Dolly Varden fishing trips are catch and release only.

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