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Kenai, Alaska Fishing Calendar and the Best Months to Fish

If you’re looking for your best chances of catching the fish of a lifetime in Kenai, Alaska – our fishing calendar should help you plan the best time for your trip. Our fishing season start in May and runs through October.

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May is prime time for fishing Halibut and Salmon in the ocean. King Salmon fishing in the Kasilof River starts heating around May 20th.


June is the peak of our hatchery Chinook Salmon run on the Kasilof River. This is your best opportunity to harvest Chinook salmon while on your trip. The limit is 2 per person most years.

  • Sockeye salmon start returning around the middle of June and are in strong numbers by June 2oth.
  • Halibut fishing is prime during the entire month.


July is a very special month here on the Kenai Peninsula.

  • Early July is the peak of the Sockeye run on the Kasilof River. By June 10th the Kenai Sockeye run is in full swing and loaded with sockeye salmon.
  • July 10 – July 31st is the peak season for giant Wild King Salmon on the Kenai and Kasilof rivers.
  • Halibut Fishing is prime during the entire month.
  • On even years Pink Salmon are abundant starting around mid-July.  Rainbow trout and Dolly Varden fishing can be fair to good during this time.


  • Sockeye Salmon fishing remains strong until the middle of August.
  • Silver salmon start returning in early August and are in good numbers by Aug. 1oth and peak around the 3rd week of August.
  • Pink Salmon fishing is excellent through the 3rd week of the month.
  • Halibut Fishing is prime during the entire month.
  • Rainbow trout and Dolly Varden fishing is good and improves as the month goes on.  With king salmon spawning and lots of food in the water the trout and dolly Varden increase in size and abundance. 


As the crowds start to diminish on the Kenai Peninsula – the fishing just gets better.

  • Rainbow trout and dolly Varden fishing peaks and is as good as it gets. The fish are robust after eating spawn and flesh for months, and there are lots of them.
  • Trout anglers flock to the Kenai in September to chase some of the largest Rainbow trout in the world.
  • Silver salmon fishing remains strong all month and the fish are substantially larger than the early run August Silver Salmon.
  • Steelhead also begin to return in during this time and towards the last half of the month are frequently encountered.


October is a special month in Kenai, one might call it a “sneaker”. Most of the angling pressure is gone but fishing remains excellent for Rainbow trout and Dolly Varden

  • The trout change their feeding habits and begin to eat swung flies again.  There is no better feeling than a grab from a giant Rainbow trout while fishing a swung fly.
  • We also encounter Silver salmon during this time and Steelhead fishing can be great.

October is not for the fair-weather angler as temperatures can be downright cold.  However, if you like giant Rainbow trout and uncrowded rivers – then October is for you.

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